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1 元音:
[i:] [i] [A] [e] [[:] [[] [a:] [Q] [R:] [R] [U:] [U]

[ei] [ai] [aU] [EU] [Ri] [i[] [Z[] [UE]

1) [i:] 字母组合:ee ea e ie

three tree green sheep meet beef see seek

eat tea meat leave lead teacher team mean speak clean please

he she me

piece receive ceiling

2) [i] 发音字母 i y e

sit picture it is list six mix fix fit pig big build miss

myth many twenty happy dictionary

defect decide delicious

3) [] 发音字母 a

bag hand and ant happy hat map mad bad black back glad flag shall man

4) [e] 字母组合 ea e a

head bread pleasure

elephant electric remember sell shell lesson better bed desk hotel yes

many any

5) [ε:] 字母组合ir ur ear ur or

girl shirt skirt thirty thirteen third bird

turn burn murder nurse turtle Thursday burger

learn earn earth heard

term her nerd serve

work w操燃意构当orm work world

6) [ε] 字母组合 er or ou ar o a e u

teacher leader remember player speaker farmer powder

doctor actor mayor author tractor

delicious gracious pleasure

familiar collar dollar

together tomorrow today shallop lesson Washington control polite around account ago elephant manta banana Canada Japan china

men listen

纸二差吗famulus Saturday

7) [a:] 字母组合 ar a

car farm card arm garden

fast class last glass plant aunt calm

8) [] 发音字母 u o ou oo

up supper lunch fun gun hunt cup bus

come mother dose brother love above

trouble rough flourish

blood flood

9) []字母组合 al or au our ar aw

small wall talk tall hall ball call walk

short more lord horse for forty sport door floor store

author caught autumn

four mourn court bought

warm quarrel quarter

draw saw flaw

10) [] 发音字母 o a

hot lost lot fox box mop hop loss collar not

want wash

11) [u:] 字母组合 oo o u

food moon room gloom broom doom goose tooth

shoe do two

true truth blue full

12) [u] 字母组合 oo ou u o

look good foot book

should could

put full bull pull push

woman wolf

13) [ei] 发音字母 a ay ea ai ey

name cake late gate plane April

play say may way

great break

rain paint plain

they grey

14) [ai] 发音字母 i y

bike fine find die nine light night high

my try fly eye

15) [au] 字母组合 ou ow

house out flour ground account count sound loud around mouse

flower down now cow how town

16) [εu] 发音字母 o ow oa

home cold go no phone host ghost

know low below grow blow show flow

boat coat goal

17) [] 字母组合oy oi

boy toy joy

oil soil voice choice

18) [iε] 字母组合 eer

beer deer ear idea near here fierce

19) [] 字母组合ear air

pear bear chair air fair care there where

20) [uε] hour tour poor flower shower

2 容易混淆的元音

[A] [e]

bad bed hand head man men land lend pan pen sad said

[i:] [ei]

real rail greet great mean main read raid

[e] [ai]

bet bite red write said side head hide

[aU] [R:]

house horse loud lord south sauce cloud clause now nor count corn

[aU] [Q]

found fond down done gown gone town ton


pen pear play pig pour pull push

2) [b] book big boot bike bread break

3) [t] tree two ten ton town twenty city

4) [d] door dull desk dose do dog dictionary

5) [k] king kite key look cook book kitchen sky (发音字母k)

card cat cream correct climb come account accept (发音字母c)

fox box oxygen x-ray (发音字母x)

school schedule schema (字母组合ch)

6) [g] girl good goal goat grade long language

7) [m] man make moon morning move come comb

8) [n] pen ten nine fine night noon moon clean

9) [N] uncle bank English think thank junk

sing king morning evening

10) [l] long land lend lord fly flag black

world cold could goal soul

11) [r] read red right run room write

12) [f] five fly fine flag frog fog roof knife life wife

cough laugh rough physic photo phone

13) [v] very evening even every voice vest


14) [s] six sit student same seat kiss miss case scarf (发音字母s)

license city cease cedar ceiling celebrate (发音字母c)

licence piece juice science lance space ace (字母组合ce)

15) [z] zoo zebra zero zap

close nose hose suppose pause those whose

16) [W] think thank three thirty tooth mouth

17) [T] that this those these though

18) [F] sheep shoulder ship shoe she brush wash

nation attention station

social special


19) [V] pleasure

20) [h] hot hop home house horse how who

21) [w] when what where window wind wood

22) [j] yes year yell you your yolk yellow

23) [tF] child chicken china chair lunch ouch teach (字母组合ch)

catch watch match (字母组合tch)

24) [dV] age language cabbage vegetable stage bridge

joy enjoy join July June junk

25) [tr] tree country try treat track trunk

26) [dr] dry dream drop drive drink

27) [ts] students boots boats goats nuts

28) [dz] goods woods moods hoods


[v] [w]

vest west vet wet vine wine very well

[s] [W]

sink think mass math miss myth sort sought

[z] [T]

close cloth breeze breathe

[n] [N]

thin thing sin sing ran rang ban bang win wing

5 字母,组合音节发音规律

1)a [ei] [æ] [[] [a:] [R]

late private grade bake grape nation station page

active hand bank fan parent family glad flag

accept about above formative machine cinema

fast last glass class past father

wash what watch want

2)e [i:] [e] [i] [[] 不发音

appreciate extremely secret she me he

letter left message generate pebble

decide pretty previous result restore

problem prosperous student confident

active table late wife store lecture

3)i [ai] [i]

high price library ice cream wife size line

fist pick chicken piano fiancé city unit

4)o [[J] [J:] [Q] [[] [R]

lode host cold note okay old home

lose do who whose prove

love some other mother honey company

today tomorrow together control collect

lost hot mock office soft honest

5)u [ju] [u] [Q] [[]

university refuse unique universe huge

put push pull full bull

but brush bucket duck bubble

support suggest

6)c [k] [s]

country camp camera courage cable

city ceiling celebrate cell cease

7)g [g] [dV] [N]

girl grade glass glade bag flag

village vegetable bridge gentleman gym

long song sing morning evening

8) l [l] 读音不同

listen learn language collect English gorilla

world cold soil tall sell cool animal

9) n [n] [N]

moon night noodle number

uncle hungry angry young

10) r [r] [[](美语发音)

right read write grade progress

card board door floor form north

11)y [j] [i] [ai]

yellow year yell young yolk

university country pretty happy

dyke dying fly buy by my

12)ar [a:] [[] [R:]

farm card garden mark


warm quarrel quarter

13) ea [i:] [e] [ei] [i[]

cease season breathe feature meat please

bread breast breath meadow weather

great break

idea realize

14) ear [[:] [i[]

learn earth earn heard

hear near clear ear fear

15) er [[:] [[] [i[]

deserve serve her person

teacher driver anger singer

serious experience mysterious fierce

16) ere [i[] [Z[]

here mere fere sere


17) ir [[:] [ai]

shirt girl skirt

admire desire

18) oo [u:] [u] [Q] [R:]

room tool cool moon noon goof food

good foot stood wood wool cook wood book

blood flood

door floor

19) or [ R:] [[:] [[]

short form corn born for

work world worm word worst

tractor doctor actor sector senior senator

20) oor [ R:] [J[]

door floor

moor poor boor

21) our [J[] [R:]

hour tour flour bourn lour

pour court four mourn

22) ou [au] [Q] [[]

house mouth mouse sound found

enough trouble touch

delicious gracious prosperous

23) ow [[J] [au]

window meadow know show low

now town how down cow

24) se [z] [s]

nose suppose gose lose pose rose

mouse house

25) th [W] [T]

thank think thought cloth

clothes that this then than

26) sion [F[n] [V[n]

propulsion tension progression passion

protrusion provision conclusion television

27) tion [F[n] [ tF[n](不常见)

station nation translation attention



Phonics 是一种(方法), 是教育学习者从字母排列中去拼读出单个字来.

AHD表示美语发音,The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language(简称AHD)

KK音标是一套(注音符号系统),是由John Samuel Kenyon 和 John Albert Knott两位美国学者共同编著的发音词典A Pronouncing Dictionary of American1956中用于标注美式发音的符号系统, 这是一套最常用的也是最权威的注音法,从此人们把美语标准发音惯称为KK音标。

DJ是根据英国学者Daniel Jones编的英语发音字典 (English Pronouncing Dictionary, 1963)中的标音而来.

英式读音根据的是English Pronouncing Dictionary 《英语正音辞典》。它们代表了被称为“Received Pronuciation”(RP)(标准读音)的读音,这在受过教育的英国人尤其是南部英格兰人中通用。

1888年国际语音协会 (International Phonetic Association) 的语言学家便制定出一套可国际通用的语音符号叫国际音标符号 (IPA—International Phonetic Alphabet),希望以一个符号代表一音,并避免各人使用一套自己的符号所产生的不便。

国内的英文字典里最常见的音标为英式发音的国际音标 (DJ) 和美式发音的KK音标,前者乃根据Daniel Jones编的英语发音字典 (English Pronouncing Dictionary, 1963),后者则是根据John S. Kenyon & Thomas A. Knott二氏的美语发音字典 (A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, 1956)。值得一提的是,KK音标所使用的符号均从前面提到的国际音标符号 (IPA) 而来,Kenyon & Knott二氏仅将其中适用于美式英语的符号截取出来。

音素: 音的最小单位,英语中有48个音素.

音节: 由元音和辅音构成的发音单位.

元音: 发音响亮,是乐音,口腔中气流不受阻碍,是音节的主要组成部分.英语中有20个元音. 辅音: 发音不响亮,是噪音,口腔中气流受到阻碍,不是音节的重要组成部分,英语中有28个辅音.

开音节: 1)辅音+元音+辅音+不发音e kite cake name bike make take home plane shine

2)辅音+元音 he hi go no do be tree three hello

闭音节: 1)辅音+元音+辅音 sit bed bad bag hot hop let mad map head

2)元音+辅音 it is of in on up out ant

; II. 在辅音字母f, l, m, n, s前的字母组合oo也发音素[u:]的音。如:roof(屋顶),sch
III. 在字母t前的字母组合oo发音素[u:]的音。如:boot(靴子),tooth(牙齿),特例词:foot[
u](脚); IV. 字母组合oo在字母d和k前发音素[u]的音。如:good(好),book(书),look(看)
,特例词:food[u:](食物); V. 在复合词的非重读音节中的字母组合oo发音素[u]的音。如
:bedroom(卧室),classroom(教室)等; VI. 在字母l和d之间的字母组合oo发音素[]的音。
如:blood(血),flood(洪水)等. [笨笨猪]谢谢你讲得这么详细,你能为我归纳出一个巧记
方法吗? [聪明猴]Let me try!(我试试看!)可以这样记: oo读长还是短,记住口诀就简
单。 d, k之前读短[u],food一词是特例; t前读长[u:],foot需要特殊记; 复合词中
要读短,其余多数读长[u:]; l, s, d间读作[],例外还要特殊记
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